What Kind of Church is The Point?

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This is a common and natural question. When most folks ask this question, they are curious about denominations and affiliations. Although labels can at times be misleading, there are certain general characteristics of our church that are helpful to know.

  • We are evangelical: this basically means two things: (1) we believe that the Bible is God’s Word and is therefore our final authority in all matters of life and doctrine, and (2) we believe people need to be saved by responding to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We are Reformed in our theology: this means that we embrace the general tenets of Reformed theology, a view of the teaching of Scripture that places God at the center of all things, and places emphasis on the activity of God and the glory of God in saving the lost.
  • We are missional. This simply means that we are convinced that we are to be working to engage our culture with the Gospel of Christ. We do this by communicating God’s Truth for every generation by passionately proclaiming the gospel through the planting of churches, serving our community and reaching out locally, nationally and internationally. Simply put, we are convinced that we are missionaries right where we live and work.

More important than any denominational affiliation is our desire to lift up the name and supremacy of Jesus Christ in this world. While we are an independent body governed internally by a team of Elders we are committed to being the church in community with other like-minded churches. We do this in by actively cooperating with churches in our community, state, nation and world for the purpose of demonstrating unity within the body and utilizing joint resources in a more effective and far-reaching way.

The Point is part of the Acts 29 Network and is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and Harvest Bible Fellowship.

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