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We want to know the Gospel, live the Gospel and preach the Gospel. In order to live out the Gospel and apply it to each other’s lives, we have began using the terminology of  the “4G’s”. This sermon series presented the practical, Biblical ways in which the Gospel of Jesus relates to our lives. Knowing the 4G’s, we can live as truly free people under the sacrifice of Jesus – free from worry, stress, fear, and competition. This is how the Gospel affects us individually and as a community, so we seek to constantly remind each other of these truths throughout our everyday lives.

1. God is Great – This means that God is sovereign. He is all-powerful. He alone is in control. Therefore, we don’t have to be in control. We don’t have to stress and worry. We are free to rest in His power because He is Great.

2. God is Glorious – This means that God is ultimate in the universe. Therefore, we don’t need to fear other people or events. Also, we understand that it’s not about us. We are free to die to ourselves in the knowledge that He is Glorious.

3. God is Good – This means that God satisfies our needs. We don’t need to look to other things like money, fame, sex, alcohol, drugs, religion, or social issues to find our satisfaction. We are free to enjoy His good gifts knowing that ultimately He alone satisfies. He alone is Good.

4. God is Gracious – This means that God looks at us through the sacrifice of Jesus. He does not give us what we deserve. He gives us precisely what we do not deserve: forgiveness. Therefore, we don’t need to compete with each other or prove ourselves to God. We are free to love each other and live without religion because He is Gracious.

4G Resources:

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