Leading Children Toward Gospel Repentance

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Leading Children Towards Gospel Repentance- A Roundtable discussion for parents

Wednesday, Dec 1 :: 6:15pm at The Factory

$5 suggested donation for book


“The things that are essential to salvation are so exceedingly simple that no child need sit down in despair of understanding the things which make for his peace. Christ crucified is not a riddle for sages, but a plain truth for plain people. True it is meat for men, but it is also milk for babes.”

As parents, we carry the primary responsibility for the training of our children. Join us for a very practical workshop for parents on leading children towards Gospel faith and repentance. We will discuss the theological foundations of salvation and how to practically and intentionally lead our children toward a proper understanding and application of the Gospel. We will explore ways to assess a child’s “readiness” and discuss indicators that point us to evidence of regeneration.

Childcare will be provided.

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