Serving on Sunday

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I read this on a friend’s blog and he found it on another blog:

From Tim Challies Blog:

At the 9Marks Ministries blog I recently came across a brief article that outlined some of the ways church members can (and should!) serve their church on a Sunday morning. These are, in turn, drawn from a Trellis & Vine conference led by Colln Marshall.

Before the Service:

Read the passage in advance

Pray for the gathering

Greet newcomers (act like you are the host)

Think strategically about whom you should sit with

Arrive Early

During the Service:

Sing with gusto (even if you can’t sing)

Help with logistics (if there’s a problem, help fix it)

Don’t be distracted

Listen carefully

Be aware of your facial expressions (you may affect others and discourage preachers)

After the Service:

Connect newcomers with others

Get newcomers information

Start a conversation about the sermon

Ask someone how they became a Christian

Stay late

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