The Fall and The Family

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In the creation account, Scripture says that after God created the universe and all the inhabitants in it, including mankind, He declared it to be very good. Then in the following chapter we are told about the greatest catastrophe in all of history: The Fall.

The Fall is marked by rebellion, disobedience (sin), and a subsequent curse. It has effected and tainted every aspect of creation and all that God has instituted. Our ideas of man and woman, our roles and responsibilities, our concept of marriage and family have all been corrupted by the first family’s rebellion. Yet even in the midst of the penalty for sin being levied there is the divine promise to do a work that would bring about redemption through a Rescuer. This is the Gospel.

In this eight-week sermon series, we will look at how The Fall has wrecked our concept and understanding of the family. Sin has hijacked our ability to function as Godly families; yet, we rejoice as we learn how God is redeeming and restoring the institution and function of the family through the power and work of Jesus Christ. Join us as Gospel truth transforms us and we understand our created roles as man/woman, husband/wife, father/mother, and son/daughter.

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